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If you have been arrested for OUI offenses or other criminal activities, contact us immediately.

We are uniquely qualified to provide you with a zealous and effective legal defense. We have the track record to prove it, as can be seen through our OUI case results. We will make sure your rights are maintained as we fight for your best possible outcome.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Matthew Nichols and John Webb have won some of the toughest OUI cases in the State of Maine. We are ready to provide the highest level of expertise on your behalf.

By using the integrity of the law, the team at Nichols & Webb will make every effort to reduce — even eliminate — the consequences of your alleged offense.

Defending You from Criminal Charges

Your case requires our full attention so that the charges against you can be effectively defended. We will create a strategy that will reflect your fundamental rights; it will be your game plan for defense against your pending charges.

Contact us now for a free consultation.  That’s the first step toward getting back to your normal life as soon as possible.

While Attorneys Nichols and Webb focus on OUI and other criminal cases, Attorney Sarah Churchill effectively represents plaintiffs in personal injury and civil litigation cases, such as:

Protect Your Future

If you or a loved one have been charged with a an OUI or other criminal offense, you need to act immediately – not doing so could seriously jeopardize your future. You need to go over all the facts with an experienced Maine criminal defense lawyer  as soon as possible. Contact Nichols & Webb at (207) 283-6400 for the Saco Office and (207) 879-4000 for the Portland office. You will talk to an attorney immediately who will advise you on how to best protect yourself.

Similarly, if you wish to discuss becoming a plaintiff in a civil case, contact Attorney Sarah Churchill at (207) 879-4000.

Portland Maine Criminal Defense

Sample OUI Case

Blood / Alcohol Content (BAC):

Lack of Credibility of Police and Lay Witnesses

Not Guilty.

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Teaching OUI Defense to Other Defense Lawyers

Share this:On August 22, 2014 my partner, John Webb, and I will be teaching defense attorneys from all over Maine how to defend OUI cases. This will be thirty plus for me and nearly as many for John. While my teaching experience has been limited to Maine, John’s has included teaching OUI defense at national […]


Change to Maine’s “Look Back” Law on OUI’s

Share this:Effective August 1, 2014, Maine has imposed a “lifetime look back law” for certain types of previous OUI convictions. “Look back laws” are laws that require enhanced punishment for folks with prior convictions within a designated time frame. That punishment, in OUI cases, may include longer minimum mandatory jail or prison sentences, longer license […]


Maine’s Underage Drinking Laws From Possession to OUI

Share this:Maine has strict laws, which are aggressively enforced, regarding underage drinking. I will first discuss laws pertaining to drinking and driving by persons under the age of 21. As previously discussed at length, Maine has a two-tiered process for adjudicating alcohol-related drinking and driving offenses. In addition to criminal court proceedings, alleged violators must […]



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